Skin of the Wall

Gosia Wlodarczak

Skin of the Wall


pigment, acrylic on wallpaper on cardboard

overall size: 440 x 1691 cm (676 panels)

Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra

July, 2006


SKIN OF THE WALL is a large drawing installation made in the artist's private interior space (home), but designed to inhabit a wall in a public space. SKIN OF THE WALL creates a tension through the juxtaposition of these spaces. The intension is to create a zone where these spaces act on each other, and where people move in and out, causing constant change.

The drawing was designed to exactly fit the Helen Maxwell Gallery wall, its height 4.4 meters, width 16.91 meters. It comprises of 676 small panels (40 x 25 cm, 20 x 25 cm, wallpaper on paperboard). The real fixtures of this wall: two doors, a series of small windows along the top of the wall, and several power points, punctuate the drawing.

"The process employed was drawing with the intention to record the present time continuous moment. This is the way in which I try to translate my living energy into line." -  Gosia Wlodarczak